About Paintco

Our Vision:

To be the most admired Paint & Coating Solutions company with globally recognized competencies.
Pursuing to accomplishing the 2030 vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Contribution to the development of the economy and the localization of the paints industry to meet customer`s needs with high quality paints and Eco-friendly increasing the number of exports on to the world markets and encouraging the use of national products.

Our Mission:

Understanding client`s needs and earn his trust by applying quality systems for improving devising and hard working to provide products with better quality and standard.

Our Customers

Being closer to our customers means many things.

  • It means being present in locations where they can reach us.
  • It means working closely with them to understand their needs.
  • It means getting closer to their hearts with focused products.
  • It means listening to their inquiries and issue and responding accordingly.

We constantly upgrade our product range to service the varied requirement of our customers.

Founder`s Speech:

Saudi Paintco was establish in 1975 and has been performing its pioneer role of contribution in the development of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, participation in the vital projects and industrial sector. It has taken the principles of bounder less of aspirations in order to diversity products in Decorative, Industrial, Wood Coatings, Aerosol, and Inks reflects its perseverance to be always on top. Definitely this success achieved from the highly qualified team which are working in concerted system for the objective of company`s goals, that reflects on the determination of being excellent. Our end point is appreciably determined at the full satisfaction of our customer.

Quality Management:

To achieve objectives, we bring quality management and controlling and monitoring process in the company system. We prepare laboratories with necessary equipment for correction and a proactive correction, devote our significant efforts to fulfill quality demands, and obtain client`s trust. As a consequence, Paintco invented technical service section that supported by research, evolution, and customer service due to products quality, coordination, and delivery in the exact time and place. additionally, after sales service in the sales market, to ensure the achievement of highest level of customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy:

Committed to manufacture quality products and services unfailing to national and international standards through continual up gradation of process and technology to the entire satisfaction of its customer.
Follow the high quality of standards and specifications so we were:

  • One of first companies that has license Authority for Saudi Standardization and metrology Organization (SASO).
  • International Organization for Standardization certification(ISO 9001:2015).
  • Dubai Green Building Regulations and specifications Certification.


Decorative Paints:

Formulated and developed decorative paints of all type for replenishment, reconditioning new school projects and renewal of life aesthetic value. From the beginning, we present our privilege by supplying to the market all type of conventional Emulsion Pants and high performance Acrylic based paints beside all Alkyd based Paints, and different type of Texture to suit all spectra of substrate. Also new ranges of antique paints were developed as Baby Glaze, Magic Touch, Sakher, Novy, Mishnu, Turath, Afnoor, Remal, Stone finish, Marbel finish etc. This progression is due to the consistency of quality and insistency on superiority.

Special Paints:


Paintco Ecoplast Acrylic Emulsion is a high quality emulsion paint based on pure acrylic formulated for use within eco friendly system. Provides outstanding washability excellent hiding power and color retention properties. It has a good flow and gives a smooth durable with matt semi-gloss finish. Recommended to be use as a final coat for interior and exterior application on concrete, cement plaster gypsum boards, asbestos, brick works rendered surfaces etc , we have approved by Dubai central laboratory department (DCLD) of Dubai Municipality. (( Green Building)).


Paintco Elastocoat is an acrylic latex based intended to be used as finishing coat in the application of flex multi coat systems for exterior and interior use.
Recommended to be used for color coating tennis and basketball courts and other sport pavement surfaces. It can be mixed with aggregates to get desired texture effect.


Paintco Roof Coating 223 is a waterproof seamless product which could be easily applied on roofs and on top of polyurethane foams to provide long term protection. Because of its solar radiation reflecting properties, it minimizes the heat transfer from outside to inside of building, thereby reducing air conditioning cost as well as prolonging the life of foam insulation.

Pentomastic Gold: 2640

A special paint of pure acrylic (high quality) that permits a high resistant bacteria and fungi on the interior walls suitable for hospitals, clinics, mall etc and is approved by IMSL lab (UK), Industrial Microbiological Service Ltd.

Intumescent Paint 7000

A high performance fire protection coating system specially designed to enhanced fire resistance to structural steel and wooden chassis for two hours protection. When exposed to extreme heat or open flames, these coatings expand in to thick foam like layers that insulate structures from fire. Available in water based (for interior) and solvent based (interior/exterior).

Thermo Profile 11013

A waterproof and thermal shield paint produced from special resources which has low thermal conductivity to provide thermal insulation effect with unique acrylic binder . The main features of this product to save electricity. Suitable to use school, hospital, houses, hotel etc.

Anti-Carbonation paint: 1008

Anti carbonation is a functional coating based on 100% Acrylic and UV cross linking technology that provides long term protection to exposed concrete by restricting the damaging passage of Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, oxides of Nitrogen, Chlorides, Sulphates and UV radiation. It is particularly suited for use in car parks, commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, subways, beach resorts, high rise flats etc.

Wood Coating:

For the purpose of adding an aesthetic touch to furniture industry the inception of wood department has appeared. We offer a wide range of products sanding sealer, and top coats based on high performance Acrylic resin that meet the unique specification of our customers, this section also provides the customer all their needs of N.C products for wood applications plus a premium fast drying concentrated wood stain to give long lasting, brilliant and transparent appearance, thus preserving the natural beauty of wood.

Industrial /protective Paints:

Industrial paint includes a wide range of coatings that can fulfill different requirements. Therefore selecting the most appropriate industrial paint coating for each application is the key to a long lasting paint job. Paintco is aware of the importance of industry in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a result, provided products and systems as high performance Epoxies, Polyurethane Paints, all types of Road Marking, Single Pack Stoving paint and special purpose industrial paints designed as per the requirement of customers.


An acrylic based spray which is available in different colors. High resistant to environmental conditions, eco friendly Furthermore, easy to use. It has numbers of products such as, fluorescent, dashboard polish, lubrication oil, and car refinishing.


Paintco printing inks started operation in the year 2002 after key personal received training at BASF (Europe). New plant was constructed along with new production machines and lab equipment (latest in ink technology) were imported from Europe Paintco is producing liquid inks (solvent and water bases), web offset, heat set and cold set silk screen inks with UV resistant, offset thermal, and silk screen ink.

Your Trust:

Paintco`s ambition is to keep ongoing fast and evolving in government and private projects of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC). For that reason, Business Development Department was founded. Since first instance, Paintco managed to gain client`s trust and approved by significant projects through consulting engineering offices and project engineering as, Khatib & Alami, Dar Al Handasah Co., Engineering Consulting Group, Metro (FAST), ABV Rock (MOI) and others.

Our Projects:

Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) and the Royal Commission Of Jubail and Yanbu, Saudi Aramco Company, Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh Metro, Saudi Telecom Towers, as well as universities Taiba University, Islamic University, Gazan University And several agencies and other companies.